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Have you ever played a community league sport?  We here at Route 7 are introducing paintball to that list. Interested! Read below to find out more.

Our league last 6 weeks during the winter/spring months. You will play each Saturday with your team just like community sports. (This will be shown in your schedule.) Our league plays two halves, not a race to format (Please check league rules page for explanation). We play 3man paintball. Each team is allowed up to 5 team mates. 

 When your game is over you can head home or you can become a certified ref and help the games that follow yours. 

As most people know paintball is a pretty spendy sport. You can spend upwards of $300 for one tournament alone.  When you include travel expenses that can be more like $500.00. With that in mind we created a Community League that would reduce the cost for those that are new to paintball or who have played, but cannot afford the tournament cost.

There is a $100.00 league donation plus your paintball cost and that's it. Your league jersey is included. Very cool. 
If you would like more info on the league please give us a call or send us an email.

We look forward to a great season. 

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Paintball League


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