F.A.Q:Frequently asked Question:

Q: How much does joining the league cost?
A: League donation is $100 and covers the entire duration of the league, However this does not include paint.

Q: Can just one person join the league?
A: Yes. If you want to play just sign up and we will add you to one of the existing teams.

Q: Can I put together my own 3 man team. 
A: Teams are put together at Tryouts. If you wish to play with friends please add their names to your registration so we can try to pair each of you together. Please note a 3 man team consist of no more then 5 players per team. 

Q: How long is the league?
A: The R7PL will run 6 weeks. 

Q: Are there any weekends off?
A: No

Q: How will wins and loss’s be recorded?
A: You will play your game for the week and if you win you will get a point in the win column and if you lose you will get a point in your loss column. 

Q: How many people can be on one team?
A: It is three man team with a two alternates 

Q: How long will each game be?
A: Each game will consist of two 8 minute halves. Each team will get 1 timeout per half. Each game has the potential to last 25 minutes with variables. 90second turn around between points.

Q: Can I bring my own paint?
A: Yes you can. However we will have paint available each week. Lower quality paint equal to G.I two star is $35 per case, quality equal to G.I three star is $40 and quality equal to G.I four star is $45 per case. 

Q: How do you protect against over ranking aka sandbagging?

A: If a player has an APPA number we will check that number to see their current ranking. There can not be two players D4 or higher on any one team. 

Q: How old do you have to be to play?
A: League minimum starts at 11yo. There is no maximum age. Fathers are encouraged to play with their kids as a team member. We want as many Father/ Son players as possible.  

Q: Can we move into the Route 7 team at the end of the league schedule and play NXL Affiliate tourneys with Route 7.
A: Yes of course.  

Q: Can a player join our team mid season?
A: Yes providing they met the league rules for players experience and you have no more than five players including the new player/s. 

 Have another question that is not here?
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