2017  SCHEDULE:  

March 4th 

1. Chronic Rush vs. Future Shock      2. Lightening Squirrels vs.  Riptide Rising

3. Swamp Gunners vs. Tropic Thunder

March 11th

1. Chronic Rush vs. Tropic Thunder   2. Future Shock vs. Riptide Rising

3. Lightening Squirrels vs. Swamp Gunners

February 27th

1. Future Shock vs. Lightening Squirrels    2. Riptide Rising vs. Tropic Thunder

​3. Chronis Rush vs. Swamp Gunners

March 5th

1. Lightening Squirrels vs. Tropic Thunder   2.Chronic Rush vs. Riptide Rising

3. Future Shock vs. Swamp gunners

March 12th

1. Riptide Rising vs. Swamp Gunners   2. Future Shock vs. Tropic  Thunder

3. Chronic Rush vs. Lightening Squirrels 


March 12th is also the Championships. Top  4 teams play for league champions. 


Division 1WinLoss 
Chronic Rush

Lightening Squirrels

Swamp Gunners

Tropic Thunder

Future Shock

Riptide Rising




2016   League Champ: Chronic Rush

R7PL Standings:Spring 2017

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