We hold several events and clinics each year. There is an "EVENTS" page where you can find all the info you need on upcoming events and clinics. 

Here is just some of what you can expect. 3man speedball tourneys, UWL scenario woods ball tourneys, Clinics held by some of the most respected pro Paintballers in the world. We hold an annual Camp out playing paintball all night. Also events that are designed to help needy families in our communities. Fund raisers to help families that have lost loved ones.  WE are not about paintball around here. First we are about helping others showing the love of Christ, then we play paintball. 

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Our Speedball teams play with character and integrity.  They help teach family members fair play in the most extreme of conditions.  Our teams have done very well the last few seasons. Taking several top spots including two 1st places, two 2nd place finishes, 2nd at the Paintball World Cup, paintball Championships and making it into the playoffs in 90% of the tourneys they entered.  If you would like to try out for a Speedball team attend a tryout and see what you can do. Fathers/ Son/ Mothers and Daughters are all welcome. This is not just a "boys" sport. There are several all ladies teams and ladies can easily play right along side the guys.  Sign up now! 

We have 70 acres of woodsball. We have had some of the greatest woodsball / UWL / Scenario players come play with us and teach the art of scenario play. They have played hard and stayed for the devotional as well as share in their own experiences.


Come join us every other Saturday from 8-12. Next outreach day 10/12/18 mark your calendar for every other week going forward. See you there. 

Route 7 is a unique Outreach that was started in 2004. We gave great consideration to what the activity in which we would like to engage the community. What Paintball offers is team building for all ages and the platform for us to share our faith. One of the greatest things about paintball is the kids and Parents of all ages can come, spend the day playing together and have a lot to talk about for the next two weeks.  

It is our vision to share the love of Christ while providing the community with a great activity.  Everyone is welcome to attend.  We meet every other week on Saturdays.  Along with the donation to help keep the outreach running (more is always greatly appreciated and considered a blessing) and stay for the devotion and we are all good. Devotion is mandatory.   If you do not have equipment have no fear. WE have sets of loaner equipment including Markers, Masks, Loaders and Chest protectors for the ladies that you can borrow for the day. We got you covered.  You are most certainly welcome to bring your own gear as well. Markers need to be set at Semi 285 fps max. We check religiously (no pun intended). 

God Bless you and I hope to see you soon.    

"Bringing Communities together and Building Families for Future Generations."

We host private parties as well. Your donation from your Youth Group Event, Birthday party, Christian leadership event, Corp. Party and Family Outing help keep us serving our community. So the next time you want to play and pray just go to the registration page and fill out the info. We will get back to you and off you go. A day of fun, family and fellowship. I will throw in a devotional for free. :)

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​Route 7 Community Outreach Welcomes you!!!